• Children’s Day

    TS Travel & Event has many experiences in designing a full package event to celebrate Children's Day. We have all kinds of funny games and performances as: singing, doing play, drawing, running for the best picture award,...

  • Year End Party

    Year End Party is always an activity to be expected at the end of the year. For business industry, it is a time of gratitude and honor employees who contribute to the company's success in the past year.

  • 2015 Family Day Festival

    Family Day is not only important to people around the world but also to the company because They need to cherish the time their employees had to spend working. This event is perfect for company with large number of employees and in need of promoting corporate culture.

  • Gala Dinner

    The Gala Dinner will be a great occasion to help connecting people with sideline activities as: dress prepare, accessories buying or simply by participating in the games / activities ... 

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